Don’t Call It Dainty

8 Mar

Oh, hey there. Remember me? I’m Oatmeal, that gal who disappeared off the face of the planet. So let’s get back to some wedding goodness, shall we?

In an effort to embrace the “something borrowed, something blue…” tradition, I have found myself one hell of a bracelet that rocks a bit of blue. I found this little gem at the place where dreams come true (and no, I’m not talking about Disneyland, folks): Anthropologie. Many of us have a true love for this store, as is appropriate given their stellar, one of a kind style. Miss Cinnamon Buns knows what I’m talking about.

I think this bracelet is truly gorgeous and something I would be proud to wear again and again after the big day. And here it is:


Oh, she’s so pwetty. No, she isn’t dainty at all, but neither am I so I think we get along pretty well. So, why was I a wee bit hesitant about it when I opened the perfectly wrapped Anthro shipment? It doesn’t look bad from the picture up there, but check out the purple monstrosity of woven ribbon:

{Crappy lighting personal photos}

I can’t handle it. So I’m going to have to perform some surgery, or at the very least, take it to a tailor who can remove the purple ribbon without completely ruining it like I’m very likely to do. Any suggestions, hive? And what do you think?

Tell me about a time you ordered an accessory online and found something a bit off once you saw it in person.


The Oatmeals Engage

24 Feb

It is finally time for me to show y’all our amazingly wonderful engagement pictures shot by none other than Brother Oatmeal. We drove on over to San Francisco for a quick weekend trip, complete with incredible food and great entertainment. All in all, a fantastic weekend spent with two of my most favorite people. I don’t really need to explain much, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

{All photos courtesy RCJones Photography}

These pictures are so very us. They perfectly represent who we are as a couple: really goofy, a bit awkward, and in totally in love. Thank you times a million to my amazing brother, for the best engagement pictures we could have ever imagined.

Allow Me To Explain

16 Feb

You may have noticed that I have been a bit absent over the last few weeks. Well, there is a reason for it. I felt that I should offer up an explanation to you, dear readers, who have begun to invest time and interest in the Oatmeal wedding journey.

I lost my job three weeks ago. Was it due to an unfortunate lay off, like many, many others out there? No. Sadly, it was within my control. I was simply let go for my sales performance. I worked in the medical device industry, a field so cutthroat at times, so rewarding at others, and simply stated: difficult. My sales numbers over the last 6 months were lacking, I was not having success in the call points I was being forced into, and well, this is what happened. You see, I have never actually failed at anything major in my life. I’ve always been a success-driven person, type A as all hell, a go-getter, a winner. And here I am, in the middle of my engagement, three months before our wedding, supposedly one of the happier times in one’s life, and I fail at my career. If, for nothing else, this is incredibly humbling.

I’m not writing this post to complain. I have taken accountability for it, begun to reevaluate what I want to do with my life, and decided that I may not be the right person for a sales career. My former employer was a stellar example of a company. I was honored to work for them, and I truly mean that. I have no ill words to say about my experience with them, and I am so grateful that the first two years brought me incredible success in my role. I now have to move on.

Mr. Oatmeal and I just purchased our first home, and while we are going to be financially okay, this will certainly force us to readjust our priorities and spending habits. This was not simply a loss of a job; it was also a loss of a car, insurance, a lifestyle, my fierce independence, and my pride. I was blessed to have been given this opportunity and these benefits with such an incredible company, and I have learned so much about myself, my abilities, my talents, and my shortcomings.

Mr. Oatmeal and I have decided that I will begin looking for a new career path after our honeymoon. We are 86 days out, and I am in no place emotionally to begin a job search. Until then, I will plan, craft, DIY, pack, move, enjoy, live, and love to my heart’s content. Is this the right move for everyone? Certainly not. But it is the right move for us Oats. The mister has been so insanely supportive, and I don’t think I could have even written this post so soon without that. I haven’t been in the right mindset to blog, but I think I’m getting there. I’m slowly beginning to embrace the free time and see this as a blessing in disguise. We all encounter different “seasons” in our life, and I know I was put here for a reason. I simply cannot wait to look back on this and say, with confidence, that I know why it happened, and that I’m a better person for it.

Well you know the saying, “When it rains, it pours” … we just received notice that Mr. Oatmeal’s unit is being called up for a year-long deployment in September. He is in the California Army National Guard, and frankly, I thought he would escape another tour before his 8 year commitment is up in May. And while he can choose to leave the Army in May, I know him like the back of my hand. He will stay in for this deployment, because that is just who he is. We’ve been through one deployment before, and while I do know what to expect, this time feels different. Yes, we have months to mentally and physically prepare for it. Yes, I knew what I was saying yes to when I said yes. No, it isn’t easy.

And so, I will leave you with this: a thank you to the one who has continued to support me in every way, even on my worst days.

To the one I will marry in 86 days,

You are someone I am so proud and in awe of. You’ve served our country for nearly eight years, and you serve our community on a daily basis as a police officer. All of this is done without complaint. The year you were away from all you love, the long days and seemingly never-ending hours in the city you help protect, missing out on countless family and friend functions over the years…and not a single complaint. You accept your responsibilities without question, without objection, and without arrogance. You are certainly not the only soldier, but you are my soldier. My rock. My everything. And it’s because of this that I recognize you for doing what I will never have the courage to do.

Captain Oatmeal… I love you, I thank you, I admire you, I am so blessed to be with you.

It seems pretty obvious that every engaged couple encounters their own unique set of challenges leading up to the big day, and this is simply a part of ours. I will be okay, we will be okay, and I hope that you will continue to follow along, on the good days and, more importantly, on the not so good days.

THE Shoes

14 Feb

Why oh why are we so obsessed with our shoes? I suppose that question could be posed to most women in general, without regard to weddings. Maybe that’s why our wedding shoes become such an ordeal. A mission. An obsession. But, they’re sooooooo pretty, so why wouldn’t we be completely overwhlemed by wedding shoe goodness?

Once I saw THE shoes, there wasn’t really a question of whether or not I was going to get them. I came across these lovelies on some fashion blog (this was so long ago I honestly don’t remmeber where). Then I started doing some research. And then…I found them. I FOUND THEM. At Barneys. The only problem about that is we don’t have a Barneys in Fresno, so I would have to purchase them online. No big deal. The next day I went to do just that, and guess what? They were “no longer available.” I’m sorry, they’re WHAT? So I thought long and hard about it, took it as a sign that spending that kind of money on wedding shoes was a complete joke, and went along my merry way. Ha. Yeah right.

I mentioned to my wedding coordinator in passing that I had found the world’s most gorgeous shoes and that they were no longer available. And then, it snowballed. Her sister works in the fashion industry in San Francisco, who promptly called Barneys, located them in my size, and emailed me the contact information of the person to call to place the order through. Huh? You mean I’m really going to have to commit to spending that kind of money on a pair of shoes? It was too late. I had to do it. Twist my arm, why don’t ya.

But I was so, so apprehensive. And then something amazing happened. You see, I have an aunt, who also happens to be my Godmother. She’s an incredible woman who I am so blessed to have in my life; truly a second mother who means everything to me. She was visiting that weekend and asked to see a picture of these shoes that my mom told her about. So I showed her, and said, sadly, that I didn’t think I could commit to spending the money on them. What was her response? “No, you can’t. But I can. I’m getting you those shoes, mija, because those are the shoes you have to wear on your wedding day.”

I know you’re thinking, “Stop talking, Oatmeal, and show us these shoes!” Okay, feast your eyes on Miu Miu’s Glitter Ankle Strap Wedge in Nude:

{The Nichols Photography found via Demoiselle}

I found them being worn by another absolutely stunning bride a few months after I placed my order for them.

{Heather P. Moore Photography found via Once Wed}

And here’s a few taken of them on me. Excuse the crappy iPhone photos, as well as my sock lines. It’s so hard to take pictures of yourself in shoes that are worthy of blog posting.

{Personal photos}

They are so much more than I thought I’d get to wear for the big day, and for that, I am truly thankful to my beautiful Godmother. I simply can’t wait, hive.

Did you also encounter a few bumps on the road to wedding shoe perfection?

What’s In A Program?

14 Feb

In an effort to incorporate both the Oatmeals’ interests into our wedding, we’ve decided to do a little something funky with our programs.  Now, let me give you some backrground info on Mr. Oatmeal. You may remember from this post, that I mentioned he is quite fond of crossword puzzles. And when I say quite fond, I mean addicted. Here are a few photos taken from over the last few years, with Mr. Oatmeal completely uninterested in anything other than his puzzle.

{On our way to Yosemite a couple years ago, we had to stop for a wildfire. He capitalized on this opportunity by taking out his puzzle}

{This is serious stuff}

{Oh, Happy 4th of July!}

{Just enjoying some fast food and crossword puzzle}

See what I mean folks? No, I wasn’t kidding. So when I came across this, I just knew we had to have it!

{LoveSmartDesign on Etsy}

{LoveSmartDesign on Etsy}

{LoveSmartDesign on Etsy}

{LoveSmartDesign on Etsy}

Adorable, no? I’m pretty excited about being able to incorporate this into our wedding and this seemed like the perfect way. We’re thinking about leaving these on the ceremony chairs as part of our wedding program, along with a personalized pencil, for our guests to pass time before the ceremony begins. I think this is going to fit our schedule a bit better, seeing as we will be taking all of our pictures before the ceremony, thus not having a cocktail hour.

How are you planning on incorporating your other half’s interests into your wedding?

Thrilled For Me

7 Feb

Oatmeal has stumbled upon, quite possibly, the greatest idea ever to have been invented in the history of wedding guest books. You may be thinking, “Hey Oatmeal, what gives? You’re already having two guest books at your wedding. Why are you still talking about this?” Honestly, I had no intention whatsoever of adding to the list. Buuuuuuut, something changed when I came across Thrilled For You.  Check this out.

Now, I know that this has the potential to cause all sorts of technical problems for our guests, although it seems pretty user-friendly (head on over to their site to download a demo, if you’re interested). But on the other hand of that, I’m thinking it will be HILARIOUS to watch the videos they make for us, and it will be way personal. Even if they mess up, they’ll be making a memory for us.

Will everyone partake? Absolutely not. Will those that do have a great time with it? I think so. Will we watch these videos time and time again? Maybe a few times, maybe just once. But at only $99 + the task of dragging my iMac over to the reception, I don’t think it’s out of the question to simply try it.

What do y’all think? Knowing our guests, I can see so many of them having a blast with this. Would you consider adding this to the budget for a whopping $99?

Oatmeal’s Wedding Hair

26 Jan

Oh, this is so exciting. As you may recall, I recently posted a few inspiration photos for my wedding day hair look. Well then I took those photos to my lovely and talented stylist for a hair trial. I also brought along my veil so I could get a good idea of how I might look on the big day.

This was, of course, just a trial. So it’s not perfect but I’m completely in love! My stylist made notes on my pictures to remind her come May.

We’re going to make a few changes as well, including a cut between now and the wedding to shorten some layers up. My hair was a bit heavy to accomplish the level of oomph I want, but we’re going to fix that right up 🙂 We’re also going to use the correct color bobby pins, steam the veil, and just make it perfectly imperfect! Ahhhh I love how it turned out, hive!

After seeing these pictures, I’m convinced that I really need to do it up in the blush/bronzer department in May. Yikes, I feel so pale. Also, my crooked smile has proven to be difficult my entire life. Gotta downplay that with some magic lipstick. Any suggestions from other crooked-mouthed brides?

Anyway, tell me what you think! I’m so pleased with the trial and can’t wait to see it all come together.