First Things First

5 Jan

What was the first thing we did after getting engaged?  We booked our photographer. That’s a slight exaggeration of course, but it was most definitely a priority. You might be wondering why, since Brother Oatmeal is a professional wedding photographer. Duh, people. He’s going to be the best man. It may be difficult for him to shoot an entire wedding ceremony while standing up there next to Mr. Oatmeal, but then again he is talented. Maybe I should have given him a shot. Oh well.

So who did we decide to go with? The lovely and talented Kate Mefford. She really is the most adorable person I’venever met. You read that right, we’ve never met. There’s a good reason for this, of course. She lives in Texas. We live in California. That’s how badly I wanted her as our photographer. Between my bro’s recommendation, my incessant stalking of her blog and our shared loooove of Anthropologie… she just had to be it. We are thrilled about her making the trip to shoot our wedding. Thanks, Kate! We love you already.

Just to prove how sweet this lady is, I’ll share with you a special gift I received from her a couple months ago. Don’t you just love getting real mail? Cause I do. I adore it. Kate sent me a copy of the most thoughtful book. It’s one of her darling daughter‘s favorites, and they thought I should have my very own copy. Can you say uh-mazing? I read through the entire book immediately with a huge smile on my face. Thank you for the millionth time. I’m sending virtual hugs to you, Kate!


What’s the first thing you checked off your to-do list? And have you been surprised by the sweet generosity of a vendor?


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