Oatmeal Gets Inspired

5 Jan

I suppose I should get to the point and introduce our wedding theme. While I don’t really think I can put a name to it, I’d probably describe it like this:

One part vintage + one part country + one part romance + a whole lotta heart (that is my favorite wedding from Brother Oatmeal. So touching and special).

This wedding is going to reflect us, and believe me when I tell you that we aren’t following any tradition just because we “have” to.  I can’t promise everything will be perfect, but I can promise that I’ll be crying a lot, we’re going to have fantastic music, our wedding party’s speeches won’t disappoint, and there won’t be any boring downtime.

Okay, back to the fun stuff. I started looking at wedding blogs long before I had a ring on my finger. Speaking of rings, have I told you about mine? Cause I’m in love with it. It doesn’t look like anyone else’s I know, it’s yellow gold, and just wonderful. I’ll try to get a good shot of it one of these days to show you. It deserves its very own post, anyway. So I was talking about how I was frequenting blogs  even before the proposal. I’m admitting it because I know I’m not the only one out there that’s done that. So I’d say I had a pretty good idea of the look I wanted pretty early on.

Here are some details that have inspired me over the last few months.










What have you found inspiring? Did you look at blogs like I did? Was it more bridal magazines and shows? Or have you always known what look you wanted for your wedding and didn’t really need to get inspired?


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