Wooden Wedding Signs…Revisited

16 Jan

Remember when MOH Oatmeal and I went huntin’ for some wood? I decided it was time to do something with our findings. So the other day we made a quick trip to Orchard Supply Hardware and walked away with these items: white paint, paint brushes, and this tool of magic:


The wood that we found at the ranch was just that…wood from a ranch. Most of it needed some cleaning and sanding, so that’s exactly what we did. On the floor of my apartment. On an old sheet.

{Wow, MOH, are you sure your name isn’t Edward Cullen?}

There are no pictures of me actually painting the wood…bummer. And I’m certainly not done with this project since I have a ton of pieces left. But it’s looking pretty promising so far! And I decided to take pictures of them under the Christmas tree, because, why not? Something needed to hang out under there until I got myself together enough to wrap presents.

The brushes I bought turned out to be a big fail. I ended up rummaging through my makeup for an old lipgloss, washed the brush, and used it for the last two signs (hence the thinner writing). They certainly aren’t perfect, but I like them and I think they accomplish the vintage/shabby look we’re going for. I still have more to make so I’ll post the finished products when available 🙂

What do you think? Any suggestions for me? Have you tackled the whole wooden wedding sign project?

{All personal photos}


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