One for One

17 Jan

Toms. We’ve all heard of them. I have five pairs of these darling shoes + one tee-shirt.

{Personal photo}

You see, I just don’t feel bad about buying anything from this awesome company because of their how they operate. And bonus, Mr. Oatmeal, who is frugal beyond belief, doesn’t mind the money spent here either. So they MUST be a great company!

I love that. I love everything about that. I also wear Toms nearly everyday, so I’m getting my money’s worth AND helping out some great kids in the process. I was just perusing their site and now I’m wondering if I can add a couple things to my birthday wish list. 🙂

{Wouldn’t this be perfect for cozy winter weekends on the couch?}

{These are amazing. Must. Get.These.}

Oh, this is a wedding blog? That’s right. Well, if I didn’t spend so much moola on my wedding shoes (you’ll hear about this later, as my shoes deserve their very own post), I’d probably change into these gems for the reception.

{I’ve had my eyes on these for wayyyy too long}

So, have you heard of Toms? And if so, are you completely obsessed with this fantastic company as much as I am?


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