Pretty, Pretty Paper

19 Jan

Oh, invitations.

I have a bookmarked folder in my browser that I’ve been adding to…constantly. Since becoming engaged, I’ve been inspired by so many different types of invitation designs, and they are all sitting pretty in that folder of mine. As with most wedding decisions, I was all over the place with what I liked. But since the beginning one thing has remained steady:

I love paper. I love thick, luxurious paper. I love letterpress. I love simple, yet beautiful designs made perfect by the perfect paper.

That was certainly more than one thing, so why not add to the list of things that have remained constant:

None of these things I love have found its way into our budget.

So, we must find a way to incorporate the elements of the invitations I love into a more budget friendly version. Will I feel as warm and fuzzy about them if they aren’t letterpress or on the thickest, most wonderful paper? Probably not, but I’ll deal.

I need to accept the fact that most people don’t appreciate paper the way I (and maybe three other friends) do, and likely won’t think twice about the “feel” of our invitations. Hell, they’ll probably be put in a drawer or tossed out. I’ve been living in wedding blog land for so long now, and the reality is hive, that no one really cares about paper like we do. It’s so tragic.

The good news is that I’ve narrowed down what I want considerably. So now to a few pictures of what I hope to accomplish (minus the letterpress, paper quality and hefty price tag).

{I actually ordered a sample of this invite and nearly cried at its beauty}



I clearly like the whole “name running off the page” thing, huh? Now we’re at a point where I need to do some research. Maybe we’ll pay a calligrapher to do just our names in a digital format. Then we could just drop that image into a simple invitation design. As for the paper, I’ll have to visit stationery stores or order samples online before I make a decision.

Is there something you really wanted but just couldn’t fit into your budget? I don’t know why I even ask, of course that answer is yes.

Any suggestions for me?


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