Wedding Hair

20 Jan

I think wedding hair is one of the more important things to consider surrounding the big day, and I’m certainly not an updo kinda gal.


First off, I have a small head. My brother used to call me kumquat head, probably because that’s the oddest thing he could think of. I also have a small face. Somehow it’s not that obvious to others, but I know the truth every time I try on a hat or take a picture with my face right next to someone else’s. Secondly, I have weird forehead hair, and it’s oddly shaped to boot. And lastly, my ears stick out a bit. It’s not ridiculous, but I notice it.

Now before you go on thinking I’m being too critical, please tell me you have little things about yourself that you, and probably no one else, would ever notice. I can’t be the only one.

So where does this leave me for wedding hair? Well, I came across this and thought it was so perfect.


I mean really, it’s stunning and gorgeous…on her. This lovely bride probably has a normal sized head, and a perfectly shaped forehead without weird forehead hair. Alas, this look wouldn’t work for me.

I wear my hair down almost exclusively. I associate my hair up with working out, and that’s not a pretty look for me. So here’s how I look, at any given time.

{Me, Mama Oatmeal, Grandma Oatmeal}

{Maid of Honor Oatmeal, Me, Bridesmaid Oatmeal}

{Happy Birthday to Oatmeal with bangs}

{Future husband and myself}

{Pops Oatmeal, Me, Brother Oatmeal}

{Most recent picture I could find, with good friend Oatmeal, lover of all things paper like me!}

Now that you have a good idea of how I like my hair, how am I going to do it on May 14? Here’s what I’ve come up with.



What do you think? I’m convinced that Katie Holmes got it right with this look. Can’t wait to show you how my hair trial went!

Are you a strictly hair up, hair down, or somewhere in the middle kinda gal? Are you following those same rules on your wedding day?

*Personal photos unless otherwise noted


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