On Getting a Head Start

22 Jan

Speaking of name changing, I never really touched on what a process it’s going to be.  So I decided I’d get a little head start. No, I’m not going to start going by my new name…do you think I’m crazy? I did, however, “reserve” my new email address on Gmail.  And by reserve, I clearly mean that I just registered for a new one.


I was afraid it would get taken by someone else from now until May.

This is what I was welcomed with upon logging on. I read that first email about importing your contacts from your old email, and I’ll admit that I’m already overwhelmed with the thought of changing all my email subscriptions, getting the word out to friends and family that I have a new address, and I’m sure a million other things connected to my old email. Not to mention, the official name changing process and all that entails.

I mean, God forbid I miss one mass email from Anthropologie or J.Crew. That would be tragic.

Any suggestions on making this process easier?

P.S. I haven’t even told Mr. Oatmeal that I did this yet. He He.


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