Maid of Honor Oatmeal Gets Her Dress

26 Jan

You may remember when I wrote about our wedding colors: navy, yellow, and grey. Here they are again.

Anyway, Miss PD just posted about different ways of setting her MOH apart from her other bridesmaids. This was something we wanted to do early on, but couldn’t quite put our finger on how we were going to accomplish it. As a reminder, my girls will be in navy dresses and yellow shoes, both of their choice. So, we were bouncing around a few options for a distinct MOH, such as:

A patterned navy dress:

{Source: Anthropologie}

A navy and white dress:


We even thought about having her wear a different colored pair of shoes to help her stand out. But what did we ultimately decide on?

A completely different color dress! Grey, to be exact.

{Source: Banana Republic}

MOH found it online, and we moseyed on over to Banana this last weekend so she could try it on. Unfortunately, the only color available to try on was purple. But it looks fantastic on her, don’t ya think? Try your best to envision it in grey!

{Personal photos}

She went right home and ordered it off their website! I can’t wait to see it on her in grey with some super cute yellow shoes. Isn’t she the cutest MOH ever? I’m pretty excited about the dress; I think it looks fantastic on her, and it helps accomplish our mismatchy wedding theme!

Did you do anything to set apart your most special lady?




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