Oatmeal’s Wedding Hair

26 Jan

Oh, this is so exciting. As you may recall, I recently posted a few inspiration photos for my wedding day hair look. Well then I took those photos to my lovely and talented stylist for a hair trial. I also brought along my veil so I could get a good idea of how I might look on the big day.

This was, of course, just a trial. So it’s not perfect but I’m completely in love! My stylist made notes on my pictures to remind her come May.

We’re going to make a few changes as well, including a cut between now and the wedding to shorten some layers up. My hair was a bit heavy to accomplish the level of oomph I want, but we’re going to fix that right up 🙂 We’re also going to use the correct color bobby pins, steam the veil, and just make it perfectly imperfect! Ahhhh I love how it turned out, hive!

After seeing these pictures, I’m convinced that I really need to do it up in the blush/bronzer department in May. Yikes, I feel so pale. Also, my crooked smile has proven to be difficult my entire life. Gotta downplay that with some magic lipstick. Any suggestions from other crooked-mouthed brides?

Anyway, tell me what you think! I’m so pleased with the trial and can’t wait to see it all come together.


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