Thrilled For Me

7 Feb

Oatmeal has stumbled upon, quite possibly, the greatest idea ever to have been invented in the history of wedding guest books. You may be thinking, “Hey Oatmeal, what gives? You’re already having two guest books at your wedding. Why are you still talking about this?” Honestly, I had no intention whatsoever of adding to the list. Buuuuuuut, something changed when I came across Thrilled For You.  Check this out.

Now, I know that this has the potential to cause all sorts of technical problems for our guests, although it seems pretty user-friendly (head on over to their site to download a demo, if you’re interested). But on the other hand of that, I’m thinking it will be HILARIOUS to watch the videos they make for us, and it will be way personal. Even if they mess up, they’ll be making a memory for us.

Will everyone partake? Absolutely not. Will those that do have a great time with it? I think so. Will we watch these videos time and time again? Maybe a few times, maybe just once. But at only $99 + the task of dragging my iMac over to the reception, I don’t think it’s out of the question to simply try it.

What do y’all think? Knowing our guests, I can see so many of them having a blast with this. Would you consider adding this to the budget for a whopping $99?


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