What’s In A Program?

14 Feb

In an effort to incorporate both the Oatmeals’ interests into our wedding, we’ve decided to do a little something funky with our programs.  Now, let me give you some backrground info on Mr. Oatmeal. You may remember from this post, that I mentioned he is quite fond of crossword puzzles. And when I say quite fond, I mean addicted. Here are a few photos taken from over the last few years, with Mr. Oatmeal completely uninterested in anything other than his puzzle.

{On our way to Yosemite a couple years ago, we had to stop for a wildfire. He capitalized on this opportunity by taking out his puzzle}

{This is serious stuff}

{Oh, Happy 4th of July!}

{Just enjoying some fast food and crossword puzzle}

See what I mean folks? No, I wasn’t kidding. So when I came across this, I just knew we had to have it!

{LoveSmartDesign on Etsy}

{LoveSmartDesign on Etsy}

{LoveSmartDesign on Etsy}

{LoveSmartDesign on Etsy}

Adorable, no? I’m pretty excited about being able to incorporate this into our wedding and this seemed like the perfect way. We’re thinking about leaving these on the ceremony chairs as part of our wedding program, along with a personalized pencil, for our guests to pass time before the ceremony begins. I think this is going to fit our schedule a bit better, seeing as we will be taking all of our pictures before the ceremony, thus not having a cocktail hour.

How are you planning on incorporating your other half’s interests into your wedding?


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