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Don’t Call It Dainty

8 Mar

Oh, hey there. Remember me? I’m Oatmeal, that gal who disappeared off the face of the planet. So let’s get back to some wedding goodness, shall we?

In an effort to embrace the “something borrowed, something blue…” tradition, I have found myself one hell of a bracelet that rocks a bit of blue. I found this little gem at the place where dreams come true (and no, I’m not talking about Disneyland, folks): Anthropologie. Many of us have a true love for this store, as is appropriate given their stellar, one of a kind style. Miss Cinnamon Buns knows what I’m talking about.

I think this bracelet is truly gorgeous and something I would be proud to wear again and again after the big day. And here it is:


Oh, she’s so pwetty. No, she isn’t dainty at all, but neither am I so I think we get along pretty well.┬áSo, why was I a wee bit hesitant about it when I opened the perfectly wrapped Anthro shipment? It doesn’t look bad from the picture up there, but check out the purple monstrosity of woven ribbon:

{Crappy lighting personal photos}

I can’t handle it. So I’m going to have to perform some surgery, or at the very least, take it to a tailor who can remove the purple ribbon without completely ruining it like I’m very likely to do. Any suggestions, hive? And what do you think?

Tell me about a time you ordered an accessory online and found something a bit off once you saw it in person.