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Wedding Hair

20 Jan

I think wedding hair is one of the more important things to consider surrounding the big day, and I’m certainly not an updo kinda gal.


First off, I have a small head. My brother used to call me kumquat head, probably because that’s the oddest thing he could think of. I also have a small face. Somehow it’s not that obvious to others, but I know the truth every time I try on a hat or take a picture with my face right next to someone else’s. Secondly, I have weird forehead hair, and it’s oddly shaped to boot. And lastly, my ears stick out a bit. It’s not ridiculous, but I notice it.

Now before you go on thinking I’m being too critical, please tell me you have little things about yourself that you, and probably no one else, would ever notice. I can’t be the only one.

So where does this leave me for wedding hair? Well, I came across this and thought it was so perfect.


I mean really, it’s stunning and gorgeous…on her. This lovely bride probably has a normal sized head, and a perfectly shaped forehead without weird forehead hair. Alas, this look wouldn’t work for me.

I wear my hair down almost exclusively. I associate my hair up with working out, and that’s not a pretty look for me. So here’s how I look, at any given time.

{Me, Mama Oatmeal, Grandma Oatmeal}

{Maid of Honor Oatmeal, Me, Bridesmaid Oatmeal}

{Happy Birthday to Oatmeal with bangs}

{Future husband and myself}

{Pops Oatmeal, Me, Brother Oatmeal}

{Most recent picture I could find, with good friend Oatmeal, lover of all things paper like me!}

Now that you have a good idea of how I like my hair, how am I going to do it on May 14? Here’s what I’ve come up with.



What do you think? I’m convinced that Katie Holmes got it right with this look. Can’t wait to show you how my hair trial went!

Are you a strictly hair up, hair down, or somewhere in the middle kinda gal? Are you following those same rules on your wedding day?

*Personal photos unless otherwise noted


One for One

17 Jan

Toms. We’ve all heard of them. I have five pairs of these darling shoes + one tee-shirt.

{Personal photo}

You see, I just don’t feel bad about buying anything from this awesome company because of their how they operate. And bonus, Mr. Oatmeal, who is frugal beyond belief, doesn’t mind the money spent here either. So they MUST be a great company!

I love that. I love everything about that. I also wear Toms nearly everyday, so I’m getting my money’s worth AND helping out some great kids in the process. I was just perusing their site and now I’m wondering if I can add a couple things to my birthday wish list. ūüôā

{Wouldn’t this be perfect for cozy winter weekends on the couch?}

{These are amazing. Must. Get.These.}

Oh, this is a wedding blog? That’s right. Well, if I didn’t spend so much moola on my wedding shoes (you’ll hear about this later, as my shoes deserve their very own post), I’d probably change into these gems for the reception.

{I’ve had my eyes on these for wayyyy too long}

So, have you heard of Toms? And if so, are you completely obsessed with this fantastic company as much as I am?

Uh Oh, I Need Help

17 Jan

This might be the first item to be added to the¬†“I have to have this” list. Unfortunately¬†for me, these earrings were found at J.Crew long ago, and not available on their website anymore. And unfortunately for reality, I still have to find them somehow.

{Heidi Ryder Photography}

It took me only a second to fall in love with the Crystal Patch Earrings (item 27990), and now I will settle for nothing less.

Help! Someone reading this MUST have these, and I’ll bet they’re willing to accept a stupid amount of money for them. Really.

What did you absolutely HAVE to have for your wedding?

Who Doesn’t Like Gifts?

5 Jan

Let’s talk about something that everyone likes…gifts! While we’re still aways away from thinking about bridal party gifts (I’d love love love some suggestions, by the way!), I did get my main gals a little something at the beginning of our engagement. I included these sweet monogrammed necklaces with my version of a “Will you be my bridesmaid” card.


Ritzy Misfit on¬†Etsy was just a joy to work with. I haven’t had a single bad experience on Etsy, and if you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you get familiar. She was running a special at the time I ordered for buy 5 get 1 free, so I was lucky enough to order one for yours truly, too. It really couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, seeing as I have five lovely ladies in my wedding party.

These aren’t intended to be worn on our actual wedding day. I simply wanted to extend a “pre-thank you” to my girls for all their support over the years, and of course, in the upcoming months. I know what goes into being a bridesmaid and I was sure they’d appreciate it. And they did! I love that these necklaces are all a bit unique. And I love that we can all wear them, perhaps, during my bachelorette weekend! I hope it’s something that will always bring them happy memories in the years to come.

Accompanying this token of thanks was an information card for each bridesmaid. I gave an overview of the wedding colors and what to look for in a dress (it’s all up to them, after all). I also included each girl’s contact information just to make it easier for everyone. I somehow turned grey card stock, a variety of navy fabrics, some thread and buttons into this:

{Personal photo}

It turned out being a great and easy way to convey the look I want to accomplish. I’m so happy with how they turned out! Did you do anything special for your bridesmaids early on in the engagement? And do you have any suggestions for unique wedding party gifts?