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A Collection

17 Jan

Want to know the difference between Mr. Oatmeal and I? He has absolutely no idea why I feel it’s necessary to collect a crazy amount of mason jars/milk glass vases/bottles for our wedding. But here’s the cool thing about it…I’ll get to make some of these little treasures a part of our home. I might be more excited about that than I am about using them in our wedding.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve collected so far, although I’m sure that’s a lie since I’ve definitely bought more since these pictures were taken.

Yikes, I know. But let’s be honest here: after looking at these pictures, I’m convinced that I don’t have nearly enough. 16 or 17 tables? Plus a ton of other tables to spruce up?

So what’s that you see spelled out in the sweetest, most widely used mug in the history of weddings (just ask Miss French Toast)?  S W E E T S. We’re putting those on our darling dessert bar! Too bad the individual letters don’t mean a thing to us. However, I will drink coffee out of them with a smile on my face for years to come. 🙂

Well,  my next task is to separate all these little gems by table number and store them in boxes until May. But before I do that, I’ll need to set up a mock table. ***Adding to the to-do list riiiiight now.***

{And this is me attempting to do calligraphy on our Save the Dates. Attempting is the key word there.All personal photos.}

Do you like antique shopping enough to take on a task like this? Or did you get lucky and inherit yours from a friend  Or….do you totally hate mason jars?

P.S. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Oatmeal friends and family who have helped out in the search for these bottles. You make my life easier!