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Who Doesn’t Like Gifts?

5 Jan

Let’s talk about something that everyone likes…gifts! While we’re still aways away from thinking about bridal party gifts (I’d love love love some suggestions, by the way!), I did get my main gals a little something at the beginning of our engagement. I included these sweet monogrammed necklaces with my version of a “Will you be my bridesmaid” card.


Ritzy Misfit on Etsy was just a joy to work with. I haven’t had a single bad experience on Etsy, and if you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you get familiar. She was running a special at the time I ordered for buy 5 get 1 free, so I was lucky enough to order one for yours truly, too. It really couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, seeing as I have five lovely ladies in my wedding party.

These aren’t intended to be worn on our actual wedding day. I simply wanted to extend a “pre-thank you” to my girls for all their support over the years, and of course, in the upcoming months. I know what goes into being a bridesmaid and I was sure they’d appreciate it. And they did! I love that these necklaces are all a bit unique. And I love that we can all wear them, perhaps, during my bachelorette weekend! I hope it’s something that will always bring them happy memories in the years to come.

Accompanying this token of thanks was an information card for each bridesmaid. I gave an overview of the wedding colors and what to look for in a dress (it’s all up to them, after all). I also included each girl’s contact information just to make it easier for everyone. I somehow turned grey card stock, a variety of navy fabrics, some thread and buttons into this:

{Personal photo}

It turned out being a great and easy way to convey the look I want to accomplish. I’m so happy with how they turned out! Did you do anything special for your bridesmaids early on in the engagement? And do you have any suggestions for unique wedding party gifts?


What Are Your Colors?

5 Jan

You’re probably thinking, “That’s awesome, Miss Oatmeal. Great pictures. But I still have no idea what your wedding colors are.” Well here they are. I can’t remember the thought process behind choosing these, I just all of a sudden had colors. I had colors! That made the wedding so official to me. Because the first thing everyone asked me at the beginning of the engagement was, “What are your colors?”. Well, that, and “When are you going to have babies???’. Yikes.

Navy, Yellow, Grey

Let me break it down for you. My main ladies will be wearing navy dresses and yellow shoes of their choice. This was very important to me for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted each of them to feel comfortable and be able to express their personal style.
  2. Each girl can spend however much she’d like on her dress and shoes, as long as they’re navy and yellow, respectively.
  3. And basically, I love mis-matchy goodness.

So it should look something like this, but replace the matching dressed with mismatching ones. So really, it won’t look anything like this. 🙂

{Kathryn Krueger Photography}

Some of the gals have gotten their dresses, others haven’t.* I’m not at all stressed out about leaving the decision up to them. I completely trust all five ladies and with everyone’s incredible fashion sense, I know they won’t disappoint. As for the table decor,  don’t worry… I  have no plans to make it an overwhelming display of yellow. I haven’t found a single picture of a table using navy and yellow that doesn’t make me want to throw up. Exaggeration. But really, most of the pictures I’ve come across are just overkill. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve! You’ll just have to wait and see.

So, what do think of my color choices? I’m really hoping that what I’m envisioning will materialize into something beautiful and fun. Was it hard for you to decide on your color scheme, or was it an easy decision?

*Caution to those out there considering giving their bridesmaids full reign…Bridesmaid Oatmeal Leslie has bought and exchanged at least six different navy dresses since February. So I’m not getting attached to any dress she shows me. I love that girl.