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If Only…

26 Jan

…we were having a wedding that would allow us to incorporate something like this:

{Tec Petaja Photography via Once Wed }

{Claire Eliza Photography via 1oo Layer Cake}

This would so not go well with our wedding theme, but maybe someone else can take advantage of this amazing inspiration! So I thought I’d share the pretty pictures with the ‘bee.

What do you think about this?


A Collection

17 Jan

Want to know the difference between Mr. Oatmeal and I? He has absolutely no idea why I feel it’s necessary to collect a crazy amount of mason jars/milk glass vases/bottles for our wedding. But here’s the cool thing about it…I’ll get to make some of these little treasures a part of our home. I might be more excited about that than I am about using them in our wedding.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve collected so far, although I’m sure that’s a lie since I’ve definitely bought more since these pictures were taken.

Yikes, I know. But let’s be honest here: after looking at these pictures, I’m convinced that I don’t have nearly enough. 16 or 17 tables? Plus a ton of other tables to spruce up?

So what’s that you see spelled out in the sweetest, most widely used mug in the history of weddings (just ask Miss French Toast)?  S W E E T S. We’re putting those on our darling dessert bar! Too bad the individual letters don’t mean a thing to us. However, I will drink coffee out of them with a smile on my face for years to come. 🙂

Well,  my next task is to separate all these little gems by table number and store them in boxes until May. But before I do that, I’ll need to set up a mock table. ***Adding to the to-do list riiiiight now.***

{And this is me attempting to do calligraphy on our Save the Dates. Attempting is the key word there.All personal photos.}

Do you like antique shopping enough to take on a task like this? Or did you get lucky and inherit yours from a friend  Or….do you totally hate mason jars?

P.S. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Oatmeal friends and family who have helped out in the search for these bottles. You make my life easier!

Wooden Wedding Signs…Revisited

16 Jan

Remember when MOH Oatmeal and I went huntin’ for some wood? I decided it was time to do something with our findings. So the other day we made a quick trip to Orchard Supply Hardware and walked away with these items: white paint, paint brushes, and this tool of magic:


The wood that we found at the ranch was just that…wood from a ranch. Most of it needed some cleaning and sanding, so that’s exactly what we did. On the floor of my apartment. On an old sheet.

{Wow, MOH, are you sure your name isn’t Edward Cullen?}

There are no pictures of me actually painting the wood…bummer. And I’m certainly not done with this project since I have a ton of pieces left. But it’s looking pretty promising so far! And I decided to take pictures of them under the Christmas tree, because, why not? Something needed to hang out under there until I got myself together enough to wrap presents.

The brushes I bought turned out to be a big fail. I ended up rummaging through my makeup for an old lipgloss, washed the brush, and used it for the last two signs (hence the thinner writing). They certainly aren’t perfect, but I like them and I think they accomplish the vintage/shabby look we’re going for. I still have more to make so I’ll post the finished products when available 🙂

What do you think? Any suggestions for me? Have you tackled the whole wooden wedding sign project?

{All personal photos}

String Lanterns

12 Jan

Holy smokes! I was jumping from wedding blog to wedding blog the other day when I came across this:


Miss Oatmeal likey!

Besides being one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, I just knew I had to have it at our wedding. And there is a link to a DIY tutorial. I immediately bookmarked it and promised myself I would tackle this project soon enough. Yarn, glue, balloons. Seriously, how much easier can this get? It looks fairly messy though, so I’ll have to get my hands on a tarp somehow.


That isn’t my picture, duh, since I haven’t even started the project yet. But it does get me a bit excited about what I have to look forward to. I think I’ll add a few supplies to the list though: ugly sweats, a Murphy*-free apartment, and the patience to wait 24 hours to pop the balloon.

So, who has a tarp laying around? And who would like to sign up to be my partner for this messiness?

Have you ever done anything like this before? And do you think this is as awesome as I do?

*Murphy is my 4 lb. Chihuahua, and my annoying voice makes him do that.

Wood Hunting

5 Jan

What could that title possibly mean? Exactly what it says. Maid of Honor Oatmeal and I spent the better part of a Sunday afternoon driving around in a seriously sweet ride scavenging for wood. You see, her family owns a ranch. A very large ranch. And on this ranch there was a pile of wood that was about to be burned. So guess who got to benefit from that, in the hopes of making signs such as these:

{Brent Van Auken Photography via: Ruffled}

{Amanda Perkins Photography via: Style Me Pretty}

After visiting with a couple horses, we headed out to the infamous pile, got a little dirty, and found some prospects.

That’s Boo. He was hungry for some fence.

Some more horses whose names I can’t remember.

Miss Oatmeal, left. MOH Oatmeal, right.


After collecting our super cool (read: free) finds, we headed back to the shop to do a little damage. So it turns out, using a saw is real hard. But we are troopers and made it work, seeing as MOH Oatmeal’s Facebook status update in the middle of our activity was as follows: “Wedding projects for Miss Oatmeal sometimes include power tools. We should probably have some sort of supervision.” Indeed.

That’s muscles up there with the hammer in her hand.

I was literally putting my entire body into this effort, and still had to take periodic breaks.

And by breaks, I mean hand the saw over to someone else.

And that, my friends, was our adventure. So I bet you thought you were going to see the finished product. Nope. I haven’t even gotten that far yet. I still need to buy sandpaper, paint, and paint brushes to get to that point. Until then, I’ll just leave you with this:

This was actually a lot funnier in person because Bubba* was going crazy.

*Bubba = dog*

*dog = female