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Dreams Don’t Always Come True

12 Jan

Have I ever mentioned that I love The Food Network? Because I do. And while I like most of the shows/chefs on there, there’s always one that gets me coming back for more.


Oh wait, was that you saying you’d like to see more of him? Here you go.


Just look at the way he grinds that pepper. Anyway, I promise you this is a wedding related post (although if you’re like me, it doesn’t matter because you’re too busy looking at his pictures to care). Ladies, isn’t there just something about a man that can, and actually likes, to cook? It’s funny that that’s something I would find attractive in a man, since Mr. Oatmeal not only can’t cook, but also doesn’t really appreciate food the way I do. Just one of the many differences we have that somehow make us work 🙂

Well I just came across this and the following went through my head, “Whaaaa? He caters weddings? Why didn’t I think if that? Oh yeah, because he’s an incredibly famous and talented chef and there’s no way we could have afforded him anyway. And we already have our caterer. But I’d ditch our deposit in a hot second if this could be arranged. One can dream.”

So, naturally, I did a little digging (while I was on the topic of Ty anyway) and found this. He owns Wayfare Tavern, a restaurant in San Francisco.


Again, “Whaaaa? We were just in San Francisco for our engagement pictures, and had I known this we would have totally gone there for dinner.” Then I Google Mapped it and it was, get this, .2 miles away from our hotel. A whopping 3 minute walk. I wish I wasn’t so upset.

And I don’t know about you, but that “Devils on Horseback” starter sounds, well, devilish. And not to mention the design of his menu…. genius. I will never cease to be impressed by this man.

Please chime in and tell me that I’m not the only lady who dreams of a wedding catered by the one and only Tyler Florence.