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The Dress I Want…ed

16 Jan

Don’t get excited…I’m not posting my dress on here. I love and appreciate you all following along with my crazy ramblings, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to show ya’ll my dress before the wedding. No hard feelings, right?

With that said, I’m going to touch on something almost every person told me prior to dress shopping: “Oh, I ended up choosing a dress that was completely different than the one I thought I wanted.”

Sound familiar, brides?

When I started looking online, there seemed to be a theme to nearly every dress I gravitated to. Soft with flowy movement, graceful,  somewhat unique. This dress I found ages ago, and it was my inspiration going into dress shopping:


I hung onto the thought of having that dress for months. It was to the point of researching how to get it custom made in ivory. Actually, Bridesmaid Leslie whipped up a quick illustration of what she thought the back would look like, in case I needed to show a seamstress:

{Personal photo}

Obviously, I didn’t go that route. But do you see what I mean? It’s so dreamy!

{I loved the dramatic back on this dress, even though I’d never seen the front. I ended up finding out that this was custom made.}

{Cunningham Photo Artists via Style Me Pretty}

Oh, that dress is so pretty and feminine. It was unfortunately out of the question due to budget.

{Carolina Herrera really got me with this one. Again, why even try something on I can’t afford?}

I was clearly not going for a strapless dress, and I don’t even think I tried a single one on. I’ll vaguely describe what I ended up with: a strapped dress (it is currently v-neck, but I’m having the entire neckline and back altered), not flowy, not soft. But do I love it? Absolutely. I’ve tried it on several times since purchasing it, and I love it the same, if not more, each time.

Did you get the dress you’d always envisioned? Or, like me, did you end up going with something so opposite?