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The Anniversary Box

22 Jan

I came across something a few months ago that just made my heart melt, and I instantly knew we had to incorporate this into our wedding. It’s called The Anniversary Box and can be found at Happily Ever AfterWords. Here is a description of it, taken from the website:

The keepsake box contains cards and envelopes labeled with the anniversary years 1 through 50. Given to friends and loved ones at any event surrounding the wedding ceremony, each piece of this fine stationery becomes a place for their thoughts — preserving a special written message to be kept in the box and read by a couple on the anniversary year indicated.


While this is very beautiful, I can’t see spending $95 on something I could make myself (and make it more my in tune with our wedding style). So here are a few ideas I’ve had so far.





Okay, okay…I know most of these are pretty expensive, and when you factor in the cost of the cards and envelopes, it would probably end up as much or more than the original one. But, if this is something we’re going to keep around for 50 years, I’d like to like it.

And in case you were wondering, here’s what I had in mind for the cardsenvelopes, and a little something to note the anniversary year on the envelope.

We’ve thought about distributing these during our rehearsal dinner since that’s when our closest friends and family will all be together. Isn’t this such a special idea? Both sets of Oatmeal parents celebrated their 30th anniversaries this year, and my grandparents just celebrated their 57th this month. The thought of opening up a sweet note from my grandparents on our 50th brings tears to my eyes.

What do you think? I know that it is stepping outside of the “box” (I couldn’t stop myself) a bit, but it seems so special!

So, hive, have you heard of this before? And did you incorporate anything extra special into your big day?