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If Only…

26 Jan

…we were having a wedding that would allow us to incorporate something like this:

{Tec Petaja Photography via Once Wed }

{Claire Eliza Photography via 1oo Layer Cake}

This would so not go well with our wedding theme, but maybe someone else can take advantage of this amazing inspiration! So I thought I’d share the pretty pictures with the ‘bee.

What do you think about this?


On Getting a Head Start

22 Jan

Speaking of name changing, I never really touched on what a process it’s going to be.  So I decided I’d get a little head start. No, I’m not going to start going by my new name…do you think I’m crazy? I did, however, “reserve” my new email address on Gmail.  And by reserve, I clearly mean that I just registered for a new one.


I was afraid it would get taken by someone else from now until May.

This is what I was welcomed with upon logging on. I read that first email about importing your contacts from your old email, and I’ll admit that I’m already overwhelmed with the thought of changing all my email subscriptions, getting the word out to friends and family that I have a new address, and I’m sure a million other things connected to my old email. Not to mention, the official name changing process and all that entails.

I mean, God forbid I miss one mass email from Anthropologie or J.Crew. That would be tragic.

Any suggestions on making this process easier?

P.S. I haven’t even told Mr. Oatmeal that I did this yet. He He.

The Anniversary Box

22 Jan

I came across something a few months ago that just made my heart melt, and I instantly knew we had to incorporate this into our wedding. It’s called The Anniversary Box and can be found at Happily Ever AfterWords. Here is a description of it, taken from the website:

The keepsake box contains cards and envelopes labeled with the anniversary years 1 through 50. Given to friends and loved ones at any event surrounding the wedding ceremony, each piece of this fine stationery becomes a place for their thoughts — preserving a special written message to be kept in the box and read by a couple on the anniversary year indicated.


While this is very beautiful, I can’t see spending $95 on something I could make myself (and make it more my in tune with our wedding style). So here are a few ideas I’ve had so far.





Okay, okay…I know most of these are pretty expensive, and when you factor in the cost of the cards and envelopes, it would probably end up as much or more than the original one. But, if this is something we’re going to keep around for 50 years, I’d like to like it.

And in case you were wondering, here’s what I had in mind for the cardsenvelopes, and a little something to note the anniversary year on the envelope.

We’ve thought about distributing these during our rehearsal dinner since that’s when our closest friends and family will all be together. Isn’t this such a special idea? Both sets of Oatmeal parents celebrated their 30th anniversaries this year, and my grandparents just celebrated their 57th this month. The thought of opening up a sweet note from my grandparents on our 50th brings tears to my eyes.

What do you think? I know that it is stepping outside of the “box” (I couldn’t stop myself) a bit, but it seems so special!

So, hive, have you heard of this before? And did you incorporate anything extra special into your big day?

Wedding Hair

20 Jan

I think wedding hair is one of the more important things to consider surrounding the big day, and I’m certainly not an updo kinda gal.


First off, I have a small head. My brother used to call me kumquat head, probably because that’s the oddest thing he could think of. I also have a small face. Somehow it’s not that obvious to others, but I know the truth every time I try on a hat or take a picture with my face right next to someone else’s. Secondly, I have weird forehead hair, and it’s oddly shaped to boot. And lastly, my ears stick out a bit. It’s not ridiculous, but I notice it.

Now before you go on thinking I’m being too critical, please tell me you have little things about yourself that you, and probably no one else, would ever notice. I can’t be the only one.

So where does this leave me for wedding hair? Well, I came across this and thought it was so perfect.


I mean really, it’s stunning and gorgeous…on her. This lovely bride probably has a normal sized head, and a perfectly shaped forehead without weird forehead hair. Alas, this look wouldn’t work for me.

I wear my hair down almost exclusively. I associate my hair up with working out, and that’s not a pretty look for me. So here’s how I look, at any given time.

{Me, Mama Oatmeal, Grandma Oatmeal}

{Maid of Honor Oatmeal, Me, Bridesmaid Oatmeal}

{Happy Birthday to Oatmeal with bangs}

{Future husband and myself}

{Pops Oatmeal, Me, Brother Oatmeal}

{Most recent picture I could find, with good friend Oatmeal, lover of all things paper like me!}

Now that you have a good idea of how I like my hair, how am I going to do it on May 14? Here’s what I’ve come up with.



What do you think? I’m convinced that Katie Holmes got it right with this look. Can’t wait to show you how my hair trial went!

Are you a strictly hair up, hair down, or somewhere in the middle kinda gal? Are you following those same rules on your wedding day?

*Personal photos unless otherwise noted

The Hidden Partners

20 Jan

Have I mentioned that my better half is a police officer? As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also a Captain in the US Army. And I’d like to clarify something here: when I say “my better half”, I truly mean that. Mr. Oatmeal is a kind, patient, decent, even-tempered man. I, on the other hand, am impatient about nearly everything, my emotions are more like a ping pong ball than I’d like to admit, I am the worst version of myself when I’m driving, and I am known to be quite direct, blunt, and some may say inconsiderate in situations. But Mr. Oatmeal brings out the better qualities in me and makes me want to be more like him. Seriously.

By saying yes to Mr. Oatmeal when he proposed, I also said yes to a life as a police officer’s wife. Even though we have lived through a year long deployment to Iraq in 2007 and 2008, I didn’t quite understand what came along with my new role as a police spouse. And then I got it, I truly understood, on February 25, 2010… nine days after I said yes to Mr. Oatmeal’s big question. Two good, decent officers worked their final shift, and we all experienced tragedy that day. I now live with a fear that most wives don’t understand.


“As police wives we experience emotions that other wives don’t; we have fears that other wives don’t; we deal with shift changes and periods of single parenting and cancelled vacations or postponed holiday celebrations. Our husbands are often stressed and go through many changes stemming from their careers. Although our officers receive multiple hours of training to do their jobs safely and effectively, very little time, if any, is spent educating them, their spouses, and families for emotional survival.”– LAPD Wives Association


Prompted by the incident in February, our department has organized a support group specifically for the wives of our officers. We call ourselves the LEOS (Law Enforcement Officers’ Spouses) and we meet once a month.

Can I tell you how fantastic this group of women is? We come from all walks of life. We are wives, fiancées and girlfriends. Some of us have a couple of years experience in this role, others have 20+ years. We meet and share our stories. We laugh, we cry. We talk about heavy topics such as death benefits. We talk about lighthearted topics like cooking. But we have one thing in common: we all know what it feels like to send our men off and not know what that day might bring. So we meet. And we will continue to meet, if for nothing else than to be around other women who get it.

If, God forbid, we have a repeat tragedy in our department, the support system will be in place for our emotional survival. Mr. Oatmeal has chosen details for a funeral: the song, the pastor, which police officer would come to my door. If I can’t accept the realities of his job, then I have no right to marry him. This fear is, amazingly, so much harder than when he was in Iraq. This is everyday, there is no end date to his “tour”. I simply have to trust in his instincts, his training, and in God.

I know these women will continue to be an important part of my life, and I truly look forward to our monthly meetings. So I want to extend a thank you, a hug, a prayer, to ALL police spouses. Because quite frankly, no one thanks us. And we are, after all, the hidden partners.

My apologies for gettin’ all serious on ya, bees. 🙂

In addition to becoming a Mrs., are you taking on any other important roles when you say “I do”?

The Gift

20 Jan

Today I have a treat for you. Well really, it’s a treat for me and Mr. Oatmeal. Okay, it’s just a treat for me.

On Christmas morning we were given a spectacular gift from my brother. I’d say that it was the best gift given in the Oatmeal household this Christmas, but I’d be lying. Mr. Oats and I gifted my brother a Shake Weight. Enough said, right?

Anyway, it was our wedding guest book! Here I am opening said gift, and my brother beaming with pride over his gift-giving abilities (and yes, that is our little Murphy, in a hoodie).

{Personal photo}

And here is a preview of it for y’all to see!

{Crappy quality personal photo}

This is actually the back of the guest book. That picture is, well, so us. I’m pretty sure I was looking up at Mr. Oatmeal, saying “kissssss meeeeee” and he was, in return, looking down at me like I’m crazy. I love it. I don’t have the patience right now to take better pictures of the entire book for you to see, however I promise I’ll be getting around to it very soon.

But I can tell you this: WE LOVE OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES SOOOOOO MUCH! Thank you RC for a job well done. We love you.

Did you get any wedding related gifts over the holidays?

Pretty, Pretty Paper

19 Jan

Oh, invitations.

I have a bookmarked folder in my browser that I’ve been adding to…constantly. Since becoming engaged, I’ve been inspired by so many different types of invitation designs, and they are all sitting pretty in that folder of mine. As with most wedding decisions, I was all over the place with what I liked. But since the beginning one thing has remained steady:

I love paper. I love thick, luxurious paper. I love letterpress. I love simple, yet beautiful designs made perfect by the perfect paper.

That was certainly more than one thing, so why not add to the list of things that have remained constant:

None of these things I love have found its way into our budget.

So, we must find a way to incorporate the elements of the invitations I love into a more budget friendly version. Will I feel as warm and fuzzy about them if they aren’t letterpress or on the thickest, most wonderful paper? Probably not, but I’ll deal.

I need to accept the fact that most people don’t appreciate paper the way I (and maybe three other friends) do, and likely won’t think twice about the “feel” of our invitations. Hell, they’ll probably be put in a drawer or tossed out. I’ve been living in wedding blog land for so long now, and the reality is hive, that no one really cares about paper like we do. It’s so tragic.

The good news is that I’ve narrowed down what I want considerably. So now to a few pictures of what I hope to accomplish (minus the letterpress, paper quality and hefty price tag).

{I actually ordered a sample of this invite and nearly cried at its beauty}



I clearly like the whole “name running off the page” thing, huh? Now we’re at a point where I need to do some research. Maybe we’ll pay a calligrapher to do just our names in a digital format. Then we could just drop that image into a simple invitation design. As for the paper, I’ll have to visit stationery stores or order samples online before I make a decision.

Is there something you really wanted but just couldn’t fit into your budget? I don’t know why I even ask, of course that answer is yes.

Any suggestions for me?