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The Gift

20 Jan

Today I have a treat for you. Well really, it’s a treat for me and Mr. Oatmeal. Okay, it’s just a treat for me.

On Christmas morning we were given a spectacular gift from my brother. I’d say that it was the best gift given in the Oatmeal household this Christmas, but I’d be lying. Mr. Oats and I gifted my brother a Shake Weight. Enough said, right?

Anyway, it was our wedding guest book! Here I am opening said gift, and my brother beaming with pride over his gift-giving abilities (and yes, that is our little Murphy, in a hoodie).

{Personal photo}

And here is a preview of it for y’all to see!

{Crappy quality personal photo}

This is actually the back of the guest book. That picture is, well, so us. I’m pretty sure I was looking up at Mr. Oatmeal, saying “kissssss meeeeee” and he was, in return, looking down at me like I’m crazy. I love it. I don’t have the patience right now to take better pictures of the entire book for you to see, however I promise I’ll be getting around to it very soon.

But I can tell you this: WE LOVE OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES SOOOOOO MUCH! Thank you RC for a job well done. We love you.

Did you get any wedding related gifts over the holidays?