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A Surprise For Me

16 Jan

We’re talking honeymoon, people.

Mr. Oatmeal and I decided early on in our engagement that he would be responsible for planning our honeymoon. We figured that he didn’t want much in the way of an opinion for all the wedding details I love and talk about so much with you ladies, so we gave him something he could really get excited about. Talk about win-win-win: I get to go crazy planning this wedding to be everything I ever wanted, go on a honeymoon I didn’t have to plan a single thing for, and Mr. Oatmeal gets to do the one thing he actually cares about. Well, besides marrying Miss Oatmeal.

So you’re probably wondering where we’re going! Well, so am I. I actually want to be surprised about this. There are very few things I like not knowing, and this happens to be one of them. I’m fairly certain that we’re going to an all-inclusive resort and that it will be some place tropical = my hair will be a huge, frizzy mess the entire time. I’ll deal.

{Naturally curly, non-straightened frizz hair proof}

We leave the Monday after our wedding, leaving us Sunday to relax with our families, open gifts, take day-after shots (!), etc. We’re flying out of Fresno (thus avoiding having to drive to LA or SF, YESSSSS) and we’ll be gone for seven nights. That, is all I know.

So, could it be Jamaica?


Or somewhere in the Caribbean?


What about Fiji?


Or, will we stay closer to home and travel to Mexico?


I’m so glad we decided to let Mr. Oatmeal plan everything. He’s pretty much going to tell MOH and Mama Oatmeal, who will help me pack for the trip. But until we board that flight on the morning of May 16, 2011…I couldn’t be happier to be completely clueless about just this one thing.

Were you brave enough to leave it up to your other half? Or am I just completely crazy?