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Cake Stand(s)

17 Jan

Um, why are cake stands so utterly expensive? Every single one I like just happens to be ridiculously priced. I understand why, of course. They’re beautiful, will turn into family heirlooms, and are just plain fun to have around the house. But when you’re talking dessert bars, well, that requires many cake stands. Multiple. More than two. Like ten.


Ahhhhh just look at those beauties. Want more?

And this cobalt blue one…I just die.

{All photos found on The Sweet & Saucy Shop}

This may have to be a group effort here. I certainly can’t afford to purchase the ones pictured above to make our dessert bar. Anyone have some ideas of where to find affordable stands? Because if my dessert bar doesn’t look just like this, I’m probably going to cry. No matchy matchy necessary…I’ll take whateva (as long as they’re glass and beautiful, of course). I’ll be waiting by the phone for your calls. 🙂


Revisiting the Cake Toppers

17 Jan

You all must remember my post awhile ago about cake toppers, right? Of course you do. Well it seems that I wasn’t the only one pondering what we were going to put on top of our cake.

Let me give you some background information here. Our good friends, Bridesmaid K and Groomsman N, are both in our wedding party. They’ve been married for over five years and have two of the most precious little twins I’ve ever seen. They are truly our closest friends as a couple. We love them, spend all sorts of time with them, and we’re going to live . 2 miles away from them when we move into our house. We couldn’t be happier about these two.

With that said, this groomsman likes to joke around quite a bit. He’d been saying (for months, mind you) that he had a gift for Mr. Oatmeal that he just couldn’t wait to give him. So the other day we were hanging out at their house, when he hands Mr. Oats a gift. Upon opening said gift, this is revealed.


HA oh my gosh this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Lie.

Okay, I was cautiously laughing. But really, if I looked anything like the bride up there, I’d hope Mr. Oatmeal was reluctant. I’d be worried if he wasn’t.

So we all had a good laugh, Nate loved that I wrote an entire post about cake toppers without knowing about this gift, and I vowed to never use this at our wedding. I did, however, offer to use it at our rehearsal dinner. It seems like a good idea.

Did you get any funny gifts in the months leading up to your wedding? Or have you ever given a gag gift like this?

A Cake Topper Dilemma

12 Jan

Why do I feel like so many bees have posted about cake toppers lately? Miss Hippo, I feel ya. Miss Panther, just adorable. And lest we not forget Miss Lox, whose post had me giddy with excitement to press the “Read more…” button.

When looking at the big picture of a wedding, it seems so silly to spend more than a few minutes giving this a thought. But alas, I’ve joined the club. The Cake Toppers Are Consuming My Life Club. I’m such an exaggerator.

Let’s talk about sweets!

Confession: I don’t really like cake. And I absolutely hate fondant. When I go to weddings I never even take one bite. With that said, I do like confetti cake. I’m talking the kind in the box with the jar of confetti frosting. So swanky.

Well, we’ve decided that we’re going to have a dessert bar at the wedding for a few reasons:

  1. They’re adorable and can be done in many wonderful ways.
  2. I’ve been to a couple weddings with a dessert bar and I’m always pleasantly surprised at the various choices.
  3. I don’t like cake, as previously mentioned.

But, Mr. Oatmeal likes cake. And what kind of cake does he like? Confetti cake. So we’re going to have a small, two-tier confetti cake for cutting in addition to all the goodies at the table. Here’s what I have in mind:


{Source, Source}

Don’t you just love how these look? The first picture has a cake that’s about the size I want. It’s so gosh darn cute. But here’s where I run into a problem: most cake toppers I’ve come across are terrible. Want proof?


I’m sure this cake topper has a time and a place. But I’m sorry to say that’s not at our wedding. I’m exaggerating a bit since they aren’t all this awful, but I still haven’t been able to find anything I love. Maybe I need to make one. The thing is, I have no idea what I want, I just have tons of ideas of what I don’t want. But here are a few that have caught my eye:




What are your thoughts? And, really, why are these things so expensive?