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Monkey, Part 2

12 Jan

I was thinking about something the other day when Mama Oatmeal and I were watching Four Weddings on TLC. A bride started crying while saying her vows. That’s not uncommon, but for some reason this was the first time I actually gave some thought to what a problem this is going to be for me.


You see, I’m an emotional person. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I’ll admit that I probably cry at least once a day. Now before you start thinking about my terribly sad life, I’m not always sad. In fact, I hardly even cry because I’m sad or upset. I cry when I’m happy. A lot. Examples below.

  1. I hear a song whose lyrics I like = cry.
  2. Any SPCA/Humane Society commercial comes on television = cry.
  3. Pretty much any movie (it doesn’t even have to be sad… I’ve been known to cry  during ANY lame chic flick, and not even the touching ones.  Princess Diaries, anyone?)  = cry.

Yikes, I know. Mr. Oatmeal is convinced that there’s something wrong with me.

So here’s the thing: I’m not a pretty crier, as evidenced by this previous post. But it is what it is. This post isn’t even supposed to be about my ugly crying. The real issue is my veil and how I’m going to reach my tears during the ceremony with it on. I’m not wearing a traditional veil, so I can’t just reach under with a pretty hankie to catch the inevitable tears. Here’s what I’m working with:


Isn’t she pretty? Her name is Wendy, and I fell in love with her the instant we met. Sara Gabriel is the designer behind this beauty and all her pieces are equally stunning. You should most certainly check her out if you’re in the market for some wedding accessories. I was able to find her at Madeleine’s Bridal in Clovis, which is also where I found my lovely dress that I have yet to show you for obvious reasons.

But enough teasing, here’s a good look at her.


Oh, she takes my breath away. Anyway, do you see the problem this poses as related to my uncontrollable emotions?

Any suggestions on how to cry prettier/not cry at all during the ceremony/be able to reach under the veil to wipe my tears away? I could use some help.